Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today is Stratton's 5th birthday, and I just can't believe it! They use to say to enjoy them because they grow up so fast, and they really do. It's like he was just born yesterday and then I blinked and he is 5. Stratton I hope you know how special you are to our family. I love and appreciate the person you already are, you are so sweet, smart, and my favorite part about you is your wide imagination, someday you are going to make your mark! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family Update

Yes I know it's been a while but my digital camera is broke, so I now have to use the 35mm which is great unless you want instant pic's. So I will be posting pics of Stratton's first day of school as soon as I get them. He did so good, and was completely excited, he got such an awesome teacher Mrs. Rhoton, which made me happy. He is doing good and doesn't even seem to miss me. He has so many friends, and I miss him so much while he is at school, it is so hard to believe he turns 5 tomarrow! I will be back to school next week so I am really excited to have something to fill my time while Stratton is away. Joe is also doing and attending school again this fall and we have a class together which is exciting to have the support. Until next time, luv you all! ;)