Friday, December 19, 2008


YOu know you have all worn one, and yes even me, but honestly you all know they are NOT comfortable. This video is too funny, and all I have to say is AMEN!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Last week Joe and I went to temple to receive our endowments, and before we went we talked to Stratton a lot about the temple, and one of the main thing I would tell him about the temple was that by going through the temple our family can be together forever and only by doing this could we go the highest kingdom( or to him its just heaven). So here is our conversation the morning Joe and I went to the temple.

Mom: Stratton do you know that Mom and Dad get to go to the temple today?

Stratton: (excited) Me too!Do I get to go?

Mom: No Stratton, not yet this time is only for mom and dad

Stratton: (sad expression on his face) Are you and dad going to heaven?

It was so funny, he was so sad because he thought that mom and dad were dying and going to heaven through the temple. He is the funniest kid, and says the most off the wall stuff sometimes, but he really remembers everything I tell him, even from years ago!!