Monday, May 18, 2009

This is A MUST see!!!!

ONe of my friends posted this video on facebook, and I can't tell you how moving it is. Just watch with your heart open:)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day Picnic

Sunday Joe and Stratton took me on a picnic, at Granite Creek Park, the parks here are beautiful , I can't think of anything I would have rather done on Mothers Day. We sat underneath a giant shady tree with our picnic basket and blanket,and ate our lunch, then ran to the ice cream truck for ice cream. Joe and Stratton played catch while I took a nap under the giant shady tree, ahhhhhhhhh. Joe and Stratton also picked out a card for me and a gift card to Old Navy, I love being close to somewhere you can shop:)

Good Friends

I guess I forgot to update the post on us moving, we actually moved two weeks ago, we just couldn't be apart that long. Before we left Stratton's teacher asked us to come by his Kindergarten class so everyone could say goodbye. She bought all the kids ice cream and they all went outside and everyone told Stratton what they love and will miss about him and they kept giving him tons of hugs. I was in tears, and so was his teacher, before we left she gave Stratton a present and drawing pad,and colored pencils. She always encouraged his drawing, and thought he had a talent in art, she is so sweet.