Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day Picnic

Sunday Joe and Stratton took me on a picnic, at Granite Creek Park, the parks here are beautiful , I can't think of anything I would have rather done on Mothers Day. We sat underneath a giant shady tree with our picnic basket and blanket,and ate our lunch, then ran to the ice cream truck for ice cream. Joe and Stratton played catch while I took a nap under the giant shady tree, ahhhhhhhhh. Joe and Stratton also picked out a card for me and a gift card to Old Navy, I love being close to somewhere you can shop:)



Katie Johnson said...

Glad you had a great mother's day! I'm glad you decided to not wait and move till the end of the month, and that you guys are getting all settled into your new place! I bet it's beautiful there right now!

Kourtney Dawn said...

That is so sweet!!! LMK what your new phone number is!!! We just gor back from Prescott and I tried to call you, it said your phone had been disconnected:( I even tried to call Joes dad to see if he had a number-no answer:( I'm so bummed, I really wanted to see you!!! I think we will be heading that way soon, so lmk your number or address!!!! Love ya!!!

kAt said...

Ok, if you were suppost to be "napping" who was video tapping? LOL. I'm glad to here how sweet Brandon can be. That is a great Mothers Day gift. Please don't for get to give me your new address and phone #.

Julee said...

Hey Sara,
I'm glad you found me. :) You little boy is so cute!!!! Mother's Day is the best!