Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Recently my friends threw me a baby shower, because they are so sweet and thoughtful and knew for me its like having a baby for the first time. It has been 7 years since I had a baby I was almost starting new and I really appreciate all the work,time,and thoughtfulness they put into it I can never let them know how much it means to me to have such good friends. Thank you guys again you are seriously the best!
Super Cute Diaper cake Chaundra made!

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And all the girls that made it possible!:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quick Update

I went to the doctor yesterday, and found out that I am a lot closer than I thought, or not. I guess it just depends on this little boy and when he decides he is brave enough to enter this crazy family, we are excited for his. I am dialated to a 2 and 75% effaced, so he said it really could be any day or week it just depends. Now I am in full nesting mode, I just feel like I can't clean or organize enough, I drive myself nuts! I will keep everyone updated;)