Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sad news:( sorry

I guess I just got way too excited and spoke to soon, but today I had a miscarriage. Although I am sad, I am grateful to know that we can at least get pregnant again. And I would want a baby to be born the healthiest way possible. Thank for all the support, and I promise I am doing fine.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby News to a 5 year old............

THis was my conversation with Stratton when I told him that mommy is going to have a baby. I just love this kid, he really thinks about things.

Mom: Stratton, do you know that mom has a baby growing in her belly?

Stratton: Is it going to be here today?

Mom: No, it takes about nine months.

Stratton: Well, how did it get there?

MOm: Well.....

Stratton:Did dad put a seed in you?

Mom: Kind of....

Stratton: Well, did he just call you on your cell phone this morning and tell that it was in there?

I just wonder how kids think, they say the most innocent things, and it is so hard not to laugh because he is always dead serious when he says things like this.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Together Forever........:)and a baby???

Well last weekend Joe, Stratton, and I all went down to the Mesa Temple to be sealed together forever. It was such an amazing experience(1st time I've seen Joe cry), it was a very special day. At first I was worried about the our sealer because he was so hard to understand when he talked because he is hispanic and told us that he doesn't usually have to speak much English until he moved to the United States, but he was totally inspired and he definately was meant to be our sealer. He gave us many blessing, but mostly talked about having more kids. I kept thinking does this man know we have been trying for 2 1/2 years to have another baby. So I started to worry because he really talked a lot about that, and then he says that the rest of our children have been waiting til our family could be sealed forever to come down to us, and then I thought, "I really hope he is right".

And so Sunday, one day later I found out that Joe and I are pregnant!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I am so grateful that our family can now be together forever, it brings so much peace to my mind and heart. It has been a long journey to get this place and a hard one at that but I know Heavenly Father just needed me to possibly learn patience, which was my biggest weakness. We ask him to help us be perfect, so he gives us the test and trials to help us become perfect in the things we need to change. I am grateful that we finally made it together and can now move forward in our lives.