Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to Scool

So, Stratton started school on Wednesday and I know most rejoice this occasion, but I get really sad. Stratton on the other hand is such a big boy he loves school and has never cried when I drop him off, in fact he is already embarrased to kiss me goodbye, but I give him a big hug and kiss anyway!I love him being at home with me, we get to do so many fun things, art, crafts, swimming, hanging out, he is my little buddy. I am glad though that he gets to be in pre-1st it will be so good for him. He has a great teacher, good friends and I love his school. I am just a big baby, I guess I will have time to get ready for our new baby and for that I am excited. I would post pics of his first day except my camera is broken, I am sad I am glued to that thing so hopefully I will get a new one soon. He looked very handsome though!