Saturday, July 25, 2009

Morning Sickness!!!

More like 24hr. sickness, don't get me wrong I am so grateful we are pregnant but even after 5+ years I still remember how much I hated morning sickness( I mean who likes it). With Stratton it was never this bad, the sickness only lasted a week maybe two and then *poof*, it was gone. I wake up sick, lay sick on the couch all day, anything I smell makes me sick no matter what it is! Then I may get a 30 min break where I start to think that I am feeling better and then BOOM, its here again. I wish it would just go away, I have tried everything!!! Ginger Ale, Crackers,toast, Nux Vomica(homeopathic), Vitamin B6, Sprite, and an herbal tincture my mom sent, and nothing relieves it long enough, if anyone has any advice of some kind of relief send it my way I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009



I have been waiting a few weeks to announce the pregnancy, but after 2 doctors appts. and 2 ultrasounds everything is looking good so far. We heard the heartbeat today for the first time, Stratton thought it was so cool, he asked the doctor" Is that my babies heartbeat"? He thinks it's HIS baby brother, we don't really know if it's a boy but he seems to be sure it is. I have had morning sickness every single day! I hate it so much, and accompanied by a headache, blah. I actually lost a 4 pounds, but nothing sounds good to eat everything makes me sick! Hopefully this will pass soon. But I am grateful for the pregnancy anyways, at least our family is finally growing, with the good and the bad!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ode' to Joe

So here in Prescott although it has been hard adjusting to a new place, new people, more shopping(yeah right), there has also been a lot of blessing's that have come with it. Joe and I couldn't figure out why we weren't moving forward in Eagar with a job, home, baby,etc... We finally figured out after months of praying that Eagar was not the place we were suppose to be, and even now I am still sad about leaving family, and all the caring people we became close to. We had so many blessings for the time in Eagar, we made close friends, went through the temple, healed wounds, and grew closer to our Heavenly Father. Something I should have learned after moving a sum odd 29 times, that after you have grown all you can in a place he has different plans and then closes that door, and they have never been what I wanted at the time but always the best choice in the end for me. I must say after all that moving you think I would get use to it, but NO, I hate change! I kicked and screamed each time we moved and this was no exception(to be honest).

I am starting to realize all the blessings we have been given by listening to our Heavenly Father. We were so lucky to find such a beautiful home, in a beautiful and peacful area, and not to mention cheap price. We are closer to the valley for Stratton's doctor appointments, and most important we aren't hitting the block wall. Meaning we are progressing again and showing all the hard work that comes with it. I always want to be learning and growing, I want to keep moving up, and never go back I have done that before and it's a hard lesson. Joe and I have been through so much together from the beginning but I knew in my heart he was the one for me and Heavenly Father would bless us if we followed his plans for us, so with that I picked all the pieces up and hoped for the best.

With all that rambling, I wanted to say how proud I am of Joe and all of his hard work. HE truly has been to hell and back(pardon the potty mouth), I don't know how I would go through the trials he has had to endure he is so stinkin' strong he has grown so much and he has the most incredible ability to forgive. I on the other hand do not know how, I look up to Joe so much to teach me though. He recently has been called as our wards Executive Secretary, and I am so proud of him for the strength he has and how much he has grown,what a great man he has become. Heavenly Father truly has great plans for him. On a lighter note did I mention how much he helps me clean?( I truly have the best)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday I turned the BIG 25, I was fine until someone pointed out that it was half way to fifty. But it was a great Birthday and couldn't have asked for more. Joe bought me some beautiful roses,I love flowers and he always knows what kind I would like, he has good taste.,,

Then we ate at my favorite restaurant we discovered in downtown Prescott, THe Firehouse Kitchen, it is sooooo yum. They have the best pasta I have ever tasted, and fresh homemade lemonade mmmmmm( are you hungry yet?). If you ever come and visit us we are going there, it is so good. Stratton drew me a ton of cute little pictures and put them in envelopes to hide around the house it was so cute, it was a great day.