Tuesday, July 29, 2008


so Stratton must be going through a maturing stage because he is doing and saying the oddest things. He has been into cleaning, organizing, and just making life more simple. Lately(this week and last) he has been so interested in infomercials, YES thats what I said Infomercials, you know the commercials that have the 5 second blast on how great their products are, or the one's you see late at night that are ridiculously long but yet they still interest you and you wonder could that really work?
So Stratton watches NOggin the show that plays all the kid shows, ALL day Long, and apparently they think that the kids need to get in on the action(or they think parent's are watching). But they have gotten Stratton to become a BELIEVER, they have him bought at 4 yrs old!!! Everyday he comes to me and has a different thing that he has seen that he has to have, and this is no joke, here is his list (for his birthday)if I laugh he gets mad because his is totally serious if you know Stratton he is Serious!!!!

1. Butterfly Habitat( you grow your own butterflies, who would have know)
2. Pixo's ( the one tool that helps them make bead art?)
3.Pancake Puff Maker (apparently they make your pancakes taste much better)
4. Buxton Bag Organizer ( this is for mom cause he says I can never find my phone)
5. Space Bags ( so this one if the funniest, so that I can have fresh clothes as good as new as the day they were put in the bags and Stratton swears by this one!)

Boy have I got a handful with this kid I think that he trying to tell that my house needs organizing (which is doesn't on my defense), he is just a clean freak like his dad, gotta love em' he is the sweetest boy and always has good intentions:)


Martin Messages said...

Sara that is great!!! Oh we already miss everyone. Dorothy and Larry we really mad that they didn't get to say goodbye to Stratton. So please tell him goodbye. they will come see him when we come get the rest of our stuff!
lots of love

Katie johnson said...

That is way too funny! I feel bad that we didn't get to say goodbye! That day was completely crazy! We did actually leave very early wed. We'll miss hanging with you guys,but we will keep in touch. We will always be back for a visit since we have family there. When I get more set up I want to start coupon sense again. I will let you know when I'm ready.

Brandi Watkins said...

I'm seriously laughing so hard! He cracks me up!

Corri said...

Ha ha...that is hilarious, Sara. Hey, how long have you known about my blog because I just barely found you! You've gotta make yourself known, girl! :D