Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tag I'm It!!

I Was Tagged By Cassie

My 8 Obsessions right now....
1. My Family & getting sealed
2. Spending time with Stratton
3. School
4. Good Friends
5. Twilight Movie coming out Nov.21
6. Bunco
7. Food Storage
8. Getting Out of Debt

8 words or phrases I use often...
1. I Love you
2. Coolness
3. I am sleepy
4. We need a break
5. I'm hungry!(we know this one girls)
6. Can I help you?
7. Do you want a timeout?
8. What did I say?

8 things I want to do before I die...
1. Go to Italy
2. See Andre Pochelli in concert(thousand dollar tickets, at least!)
3. Make a difference in someone's life
4. Finish with a Doctorate Degree
5. Finish all my Scrapbooks
6. Go on a huge family vacation with my whole family
7. To be free of any debt
8. Go on a mission with Joe

8 things I want or need right now...
1. To go to bed
2. To relax
3. My own house
4. To get my hair trimmed
5. A spiritual uplift
6. To pee
7. To fix my neck
8. A bigger bed!!!!

8 people I tag....
1. Chaundra
2. Katie J
3. Kathy
4. Brandi
5. Rachell
8. Katie D.


Ginger said...

Sara - you crack me up! :)

Nikki said...

I love these and getting to know people. I hope you get sealed soon! Let us know we will be there.