Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More random pics and some fun stuff too!

Well I still haven't come around to putting up those pregnancy pics, I always say I will when I look really cute and done up! Who am I kidding pregnancy is not cute or at least feeling fat isn't but I will get one up sooner or later. I can't believe I only have 2 and half months left. And just to confirm, it is a boy and we finally agreed on a name, Peyton Grant. Stratton is so excited he can hardly stand it, he always asks me before bed to come lay by him so he can lay by the baby, it is so sweet. Stratton is doing good in school and has been seizure free for almost 6 months which is so awesome(knock on wood).Stratton is doing good he is so excited about Christmas, he gave me a letter a few weeks back to send to Santa, it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing this kid thinks of the funniest things here is how it went:

Dear Santa,

I am an elf and I belong at the North Pole, Please come and get me!

He was 100% serious about being an elf and still asks everyday to take him to the North Pole. And of course to feed his imagination I bought him an elf hat that has ears on it, and I am making him a elf costume to his request with elf shoes, I will post pics when I finish. He already insists on wearing his elf hat to school everyday and I dont have the heart to say it looks silly and not to wear it. THat kid has the craziest imagination, I love it! Here are some more pics I promised from California that I took, not bad for my first time.

Stratton seal watching a Marrow Bay, and other one is him at Pismo Beach

My Niece Alena on Pismo Beach

Joe on Pismo Beach


Ashley Lois said...

stratton makes me laugh, he's so funny! ps, those pictures are really good!