Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some more randomness from a 6 year old!

I had to put this on here, just another one of Stratton's funny comments and thougts. So tonight I went to the college to finish a research paper that was due this week, and I was there for a few hours typing my paper and decided to call Stratton and Joe and tell them goodnight before they went to sleep. This was mine and Stratton's conversation"

Mom: Hey Stratton how are you doing, are being good for dad?

Stratton: Yes, but dad won't let me do anything just lay down and go to sleep.

Mom: Oh, I am sorry.

Stratton: Yah, he just makes me rub his feet and get him everything. He thinks he is pregnant or something!

I of course start laughing and then I start thinking poor kid, I probably do the same to him!


Katie Johnson said...

Stratton cracks me up! I hope you hurry and post some pics of you! I want to see your cute baby belly!